About us

VoxWrestling is a news website about the professional wrestling world. Latest news, results, analysis, reviews, match cards, previews, database: It’s all about **Pro Wrestling Culture**. Don’t miss anything about WWE, AEW, ROH, NJPW, TNA, indies & more!

Initially as a news website, VoxWrestling also aims to embody a source of information about pro wrestling data: lists of wrestlers, promotions, shows, championship reigns and calendar of events are everything you’ll find on the site.

Plus, VoxWrestling offers a monthly review to get back on the most important moments of the last 30 days and to focus on the match and the wrestler of the month.

Thanks to our social media, VoxWrestling is also a space to exchange and discuss about the professional wrestling world and news. Our vocation is to spread the **Pro Wrestling Culture** and to federate the fans community to make wrestling even more REAL.

VoxWrestling is the partner of the French pro wrestling news website VoxCatch and is part of the Navymedia group. The website has been founded in January 2024 by Navymedia’s founder Yvan Romieu, and Charles Ride, editor for VoxCatch and chief editor of VoxWrestling.

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