Results - WWE Raw

Results – WWE Raw, February 12, 2024

Results - WWE Raw, February 12, 2024

Full results of the February 12, 2024 episode of WWE Raw.


Here are the full results of the February 12, 2024 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.


Date: Monday, February 12, 2024

Location: Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky, US


  • Match #1: Jey Uso & The New Day defeated Imperium via pinfall from Jey Uso on Giovanni Vinci with the Uso Splash.
  • Recorded promo: Andrade reminds the WWE Universe that he is a former NXT and WWE United States champion. But he wants more, now that he really knows who he is, as he had to leave to remind himself who he truly was.
  • Match #2: Bobby Lashley defeated Bronson Reed via pinfall with the Spear to qualify for Elimination Chamber.
  • Interview: Sami Zayn is in the empty arena. Shinsuke Nakamura appears on the screen and mocks him, saying he has become soft. Shinsuke Nakamura compares Sami Zayn with Cody Rhodes, and asks him to bring it to him in their match later tonight on Raw.


Seth Rollins wants to be Cody Rhodes’ shield

Cody Rhodes comes in the ring and thanks the WWE Universe for the support he received on social media with the #WeWantCody movement. For the first time since last Thursday, he reacts to the fact that he was slapped by The Rock, saying he will hit Rocky back.

Seth Rollins joins Cody Rhodes in the ring. The World Heavyweight champion says that, even if he wanted to defend his title against him at WrestleMania, he understands the decision of the American Nightmare. The Visionary says Cody now must finish his story. He has to do it. For himself, for his dad, for Seth Rollins, for the WWE Universe, for everybody. The World Heavyweight champion also reminds Cody Rhodes that last year, he was screwed by Solo Sikoa and the Bloodline. And now, there is also The Rock in the equation. So, Seth Rollins asks the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble winner what his plan is and tells him: “You do not have to fight this battle alone. […] When it comes to fighting the Bloodline, when it comes to fighting The Rock, when it comes to fighting Roman Reigns, there is only one man on earth who is uniquely sudded to be your shield”. So, will Cody Rhodes accept Seth Rollins’ help in his battle against the Bloodline?


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  • Backstage segment: Cathy Kelley announces that Jey Uso will have an Intercontinental championship match against Gunther next week on Raw.
  • Match #3: Liv Morgan defeated Zoey Stark via pinfall with the Oblivion to qualify for Elimination Chamber.
  • Backstage segment: The Judgment Day tells R-Truth he is not part of the clan.
  • Match #4: JD McDonagh defeated R-Truth via pinfall with the Devil Inside.
    After the match, the Judgment Day attacks R-Truth and DIY come in the rescue with steel chairs.
  • Backstage segment: Cody Rhodes thanks Sami Zayn for his help last week and wishes him good luck for his match against Shinsuke Nakamura tonight. Cody wants to shake his hand, but Sami hugs him.
  • Promo in the ring: Becky Lynch talks about professional wrestling, her entire life’s obsession. She talks about the sacrifices she had to make for it. Then she says she will win the Elimination Chamber match and beat Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania for the WWE Women’s World title. Nia Jax interrupts her to say that she will be the one coming to WrestleMania XL as champion. Rhea Ripley comes to attack Nia Jax. The Irresistible Force manages to defend herself, but Becky Lynch dropkicks her. Then, Rhea Ripley kicks Nia Jax in the face. The segment ends with Lynch and Ripley face-to-face in the middle of the ring.
  • Backstage interview: Drew McIntyre claims that Cody Rhodes made the right choice of facing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania thanks to him, with what he said to the American Nightmare last week on Raw. He says Seth Rollins is selfish and congratulates himself for his victory over AJ Styles on SmackDown a few days ago. Now he has to win the Elimination Chamber match and intends to do it in his own manner.
  • Backstage segment: R-Truth thanks DIY for the help earlier in the night, and calls them DX.
  • Match #5: LA Knight defeated Ivar via pinfall with the BFT to qualify for Elimination Chamber.
  • Backstage segment: Drew McIntyre meets Sami Zayn and tells him not to say his name anymore.
  • Match #6: Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Sami Zayn via pinfall with the Kinshasa in the main event. Drew McIntyre distracted Sami Zayn during the match.
    After the match, Drew McIntyre attacks Sami Zayn but Cody Rhodes comes in the rescue to end the episode.
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