Results - WWE Raw

Results – WWE Raw, January 22, 2024

Quick Results – WWE Raw, January 22, 2024

Full results of the January 22, 2024 episode of WWE Raw.


Here are the full results of the January 22, 2024 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.


Date: Monday, January 22, 2024

Location: Smoothie King Center, New Orleans, Louisiana, US


Seth Rollins does not intend to miss WrestleMania

As announced before the show, the World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins kicks it off to address the state of his injury. He confirms that he suffers a torn MCL and says that the doctors told him he would have to go through surgery to fix it. With a surgery, he would miss 3 to 4 months of in-ring activity. He’s interrupted by Imperium, and the Intercontinental champion Gunther comes in the ring, telling Seth Rollins that he is sad to learn that the Visionary won’t be able to compete at WrestleMania. He says he is sincerely sad because he wanted to face him after he wins the Royal Rumble match next Saturday. But Seth “Freakin” Rollins replies by saying he does not intend to miss WrestleMania. The World Heavyweight champion says he made the promise of bringing and defending his championship at WrestleMania, and he intends to keep that promise. Gunther says he will be the one to challenge him for the title then.


  • Match #1: Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods vs Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci: Double Count Out.
  • Backstage segment: We are with the Judgment Day. We learn that Damian Priest and Finn Bálor will defend their Tag Team titles against DIY next week. Rhea Ripley calls for the “vicious side” of Finn Bálor, who answers he will show her what “vicious” is.
  • Match #2: Ivy Nile defeated Valhalla via pinfall.
  • Backstage segment: Kofi Kingston says he is going to challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental championship.
  • Promo in the ring: Nia Jax talks about the Royal Rumble, says she will break the dream of her opponents on Saturday. Becky Lynch interrupts. Then Bayley comes. Each of them says they will win the Women’s Rumble. They start to fight and Nia Jax takes the better of Lynch and Bayley.
  • Backstage segment: Rhea Ripley tells Becky Lynch to think about another plan than facing her at WrestleMania. She doesn’t believe she will win the Women’s Rumble match.
  • Match #3: Dominik Mysterio defeated The Miz via pinfall with the Frog Splash. Distractions from JD McDonagh and Finn Bálor caused the loss of The Miz. After the match, Bálor attacks Miz, DIY come to save him.
  • Backstage segment: Judgment Day, again. Damian Priest says he will punish Drew McIntyre later in the night.
  • Match #4: Ivar defeated Chad Gable via pinfall with the Moonsault.


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CM Punk and Cody Rhodes are ready for the Royal Rumble

The Best In The World and the American Nightmare meet face-to-face in the center of the ring. Punks starts talking. He wants to talk about Cody’s father: Dusty Rhodes. He says Dusty is a legend forever, and reveals that he asked him to look after his son, Cody, back in 2007. 17 years later, Cody has become a main event caliber Superstar, Punk says. CM Punk pretends he is proud of Cody Rhodes. But next Saturday at the Royal Rumble, he won’t look after him, he will look for him to throw him over the top rope, win the match and go on to main event WrestleMania.

Cody Rhodes answers by saying he also thinks he will win the Rumble. He had to do everything in his power to not only be in the shadow of his dad the American Dream, but to be the light in the shadow, to be his own man. Then he says Punk and him became friends with time; but in the Royal Rumble, there are no friends.

CM Punk replies he knows that there are no friends in the Rumble. He says he can separate business from personal, because he wasn’t born and didn’t grew up into the business, unlike Cody who totally did. Then he congratulates Cody Rhodes, saying he succeeded in his mission to be the light in the shadow. For Punk, they didn’t have the same paths, because his father was just a regular guy, an electrician, “which makes it kind of ironic: I’m more of the American Dream than you are” Punk says.

Cody looks frustrated, and wants to change the subject to talk about the famous pipebomb. He recognizes CM Punk has inspired many people and many young talents with that speech in June 2011. But then, CM Punk just left. He really left, without passing the torch. But Cody considers he is the one who has picked up the torch. “Everything that you spoke about, I literally did. So where you talked, I walked. And what is actually ironic, is that makes me more CM Punk than you” Rhodes says.

The tension is growing. CM Punk takes off his vest. Then he tells Cody that a much bigger Superstar has come back to crush his dream to finish his story and take it all away from him. And that Superstar is CM Punk himself.

Cody Rhodes says Punk is maybe right. But Cody has only one direction to go, and that’s forward, all the way through CM Punk. That means he has to win the Royal Rumble.

The segment ends with Cody and Punk face-to-face, really close, before they leave the ring, each on a different side of the squared circle.


  • Match #5: Sayna Baszler & Zoey Stark defeated Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell via pinfall from Zoey Stark on Candice LeRae with the Z-360. After the match, the winners go face-to-face with the Women’s Tag Team champions, Katana Chance & Kayden Carter. Then, the champions are being attacked by Asuka, Kairi Sane & Dakota Kai from Damage CTRL.
  • Backstage interview: Drew McIntyre replies to Damian Priest, saying he’s had enough of everyone pretending they have a story to finish. Only one can be the Chosen One.
  • Backstage segment: Bayley says to Adam Pearce that she will win the Women’s Rumble, and Kairi Sane & Asuka the Women’s Tag titles, so we will have to get used to see Damage CTRL on WWE Raw. Then, Jinder Mahal, who is proud to be responsible for Seth Rollins’ injury, wants to speak to Adam Pearce in private.
  • Match #6: Drew McIntyre defeated Damian Priest via pinfall with the Claymore Kick in the main event. R-Truth distracted Damian Priest, which caused Mr. Money In The Bank the match.
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