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Latest WWE news: New WrestleMania plans? Finn Bálor’s contract & more

Latest WWE news: New WrestleMania plans? Finn Bálor’s contract & more

New WrestleMania plans? Finn Bálor’s contract & more WWE news.


Sports Illustrated reported that there could be some changes from the initial WrestleMania plans, update on Finn Bálor’s WWE contract coming to an end, William Regal is back on WWE TV, WWE wants a more sports-centric product.

A little shake up on the WrestleMania 40 plans?

Seth Rollins confirmed on Raw this week that he would do everything to perform at WrestleMania 40 for his World Heavyweight title despite his knee injury, the question now being: who will he face? All the speculations are going for CM Punk, as the Wrestling Observer recently confirmed that the match was the A plan for WWE. But today, on January 24, 2024, Sports Illustrated reported that this could actually not be the case, and that Gunther could now be the number one in line to face the Visionary at the “Grandest Stage Of Them All”.

Sports Illustrated also pretends that Cody Rhodes won’t headline WrestleMania, and is set to face CM Punk during the event instead of Roman Reigns. Here is the statement of SI: “Multiple sources close to WWE Head of Creative Paul “Triple H” Levesque have indicated that Cody Rhodes will not headline this year’s event, nor will he “finish his story” at WrestleMania. But there is still a new chapter to write with a marquee matchup to be had… against CM Punk…”.

However, don’t take these news for granted, as they are only rumors. We’ll have to wait for the Royal Rumble to see if Gunther will be the last man standing, that being what Sports Illustrated predicts. At this point, Cody vs Roman and Rollins vs Punk still seem to be the most reliable plans for WrestleMania.

New update on Finn Bálor’s WWE contract

Finn Bálor’s contract is ending soon, and recent reports claim it will expire just after WrestleMania 40. But Fightful Select add some new information surrounding the situation, and we learned that the contract of one half of the WWE Tag Team champions would only expire a few months after the show. Still, WWE and Finn Bálor have not yet discussed about a deal renewal; we’ll have to keep an eye on the contractual situation of the first ever WWE Universal champion in the history.

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William Regal is back on WWE TV

William Regal has made his return to WWE TV, as he appeared during last night’s episode of NXT, announcing that Ava was now the general manager of the black & gold brand. The last time William Regal had been seen on a WWE screen was back in 2021.

WWE wants to incorporate more sports-centric elements into its programming

Could WWE become another home for technical professional wrestling? As reported by PWInsider, WWE would like to incorporate more sports-centric and realistic elements into its programming going forward. This may have something to do with the recent arrival of Lee Fitting in the company, replacing Kevin Dunn as the chief producer for WWE weekly events. Let’s see if we will quicky be able to notice some changes, one of the ideas being to ask more the Superstars about the technical aspects of their game during backastage promos and interviews.

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